3rd Symposium – Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry to be held September 14, 2013

BEIJING – September 14, 2013. As one of the major international gatherings at Pharmaron, the Symposium aims to foster an exchange of knowledge and ideas among international specialists from colleges and big pharmaceutical companies. The Symposium also serves as a training platform to strengthen Pharmaron’s integrated R & D abilities, to gain additional insight about the development of the industry, and to deepen the understanding of medicinal chemistry.

Featured Speakers

Prof. Phil Baran   Prof. John Hartwig
The Scripps Research Institute   University of California
La Jolla, CA USA   Berkley, CA USA
Prof. Pei-Qiang Huang   Prof. Peter Sjö
Xiamen University   AstraZeneca R&D
Fujian, China   Mölndal, Sweden
Prof. Yong Tang   Prof. Jin-Quan Yu
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry   The Scripps Research Institute
Shanghai, China   La Jolla, CA USA